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A Natural-language-based Visual Query Approach of Uncertain Human Trajectories

Zhaosong Huang, Ye Zhao, Wei Chen, Shengjie Gao, Kejie Yu, Weixia Xu, Mingjie Tang, Minfeng Zhu, and Mingliang Xu. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics (VIS 2019 VAST TVCG track).

location2vec: a situation-aware representation for visual exploration of urban locations.

Minfeng Zhu, Wei Chen, Jiazhi Xia, Yuxin Ma, Yankong Zhang, Yuetong Luo, Zhaosong Huang, Liangjun Liu. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (TITS 2019).

Exploring the Sensitivity of Choropleths under Attribute Uncertainty.

Zhaosong Huang, Yafeng Lu, Elizabeth Mack, Wei Chen, and Ross Maciejewski. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics (2019).

VAUD: A Visual Analysis Approach for Exploring Spatio-Temporal Urban Data

Chen, Wei, Zhaosong Huang, Feiran Wu, Minfeng Zhu, Huihua Guan, and Ross Maciejewski. "Vaud: A visual analysis approach for exploring spatio-temporal urban data." IEEE Transactions on Visualization & Computer Graphics 9 (2018): 2636-2648.

Structuring Mobility Transition With an Adaptive Graph Representation.

Gu, Tianlong, Minfeng Zhu, Wei Chen, Zhaosong Huang, Ross Maciejewski, and Liang Chang. "Structuring Mobility Transition With an Adaptive Graph Representation." IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 99 (2018): 1-12.


李致昊, 朱闽峰, 黄兆嵩, 丁铁成, 罗月童, 葛嘉恒, & 陈为. (2018). 一个基于基站轨迹数据的城市移动模式可视分析系统. 计算机辅助设计与图形学学报, 30(1), 68-78.


Information Visualization

Information visualization is the study of (interactive) visual representations of abstract data to reinforce human cognition.
From Wikipedia.

Visual Analytics

Data exploration is about efficiently extracting knowledge from data even if we do not know exactly what we are looking for.
Idreos, S. et al. Overview of data exploration techniques.

Urban Data Analysis

Spatial-temporal data visual analysis, trajectory analysis, urban data mining, etc.

Visualization Design

Immersive visualization system design, special glyph design, etc.